problem in unreal blueprint

hi guys after 2 mount today i install unreal engine 4 (using 4.5 version )
i have many problem in ue 4.5 blueprint i have’nt this problem in ue 4.3 (2 mount ago )
i can not use 'light set brightness ’ or 'spawn actor from blueprint ’ and also other nods why ?
this nodes not exist in blueprint ! please help … (i can use intensity but i want to know why i can not use nodes that in ago i used it ! )

Hi Orache,

You are correct, Set Intensity took the place of Set Brightness and the Spawn Actor from Blueprint is now known as Spawn Actor from Class. With each version of the editor there are necessary changes and updates to improve functionality and streamline the learning process for new users. Sometimes these directly effect blueprint nodes.

Anytime you update to a new version of the editor there is a risk of these changes affecting your game. It’s common practice in game development to only update to a newer version when absolutely necessary (like a new functionality your game needs) and if you do, plan time to fix any issues that may arise.

If you have any issues after updating that you can’t figure out, please post them here and we will try to help.



thanks but It’s very boring I am going to learn UE4 (with old video )
can i see all the blueprint Changes in document or other place ?
thank you TJ !

We currently don’t have a complete list in one place (this is something we are looking into) but you can however look through our release notes for each version on the Forums. You will see what major changes took place and get an idea of what would be affected.