Problem importing rigid body keyframed animation into Unreal Engine

So I have this Blender file with a bunch of objects, it’s like a water gate thing, with closing and open animations. I put the blender file here:

There’s a bunch of moving parts. Most of the objects I animated by using the graph editor and adding keyframes manually. There is a rope which I animated using some constraints and a lattice deform and some bones. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to import this into Unreal Engine. First time I tried I got every piece separated which was completely unmanageable. Then I searched a bit about this and saw someone say to parent every object to another dummy object, and then import, and check a “Import Rigid Mesh” setting. So I tried that (which is the blend file I attached) but that didn’t work either. This “Import Rigid Mesh” setting doesn’t show at all in UE, and after importing, which took like an hour this time, I got multiple assets which all contained all objects combined, but each asset with only one animated object. Like one with the gate animated, one with a handle animated, etc. Also some animated correctly and some (most) animated completely wrong.

I can’t find any help online, most tutorials are about character animation with skeletons which is very different from what I have. Is what I’m trying to do even possible? Will I have to import the meshes separatly and animate them one by one in Unreal instead of animating in Blender? Any help is appreciated.

I believe all skeletal meshes in the engine need a skeleton to work with the animation system. You’ll need to mock up something in blender with joints and animate those. Then you can export the skeleton and model together and bring that into the engine.

Ok, I replaced all the animations with bones. Now everything is working properly. Thanks man.