problem importing FBX cameras

work in 3d max and I think a camera with an animation
broken camera helped a helper / dummy -90 Z
exported fbx camera in activated bake animation and animation

in EU 4.6 and 4.7 I open the matinee and I import the camera.
I import the camera that appears rotated 90º in the X axis


you know that I’m doing wrong
I’ve tried different files, and the problem is the same

Make sure when you export from your modeling software that the mesh/camera/animation is facing in the positive X axis.

This link has some helpful information to remember when developing for Unreal Engine 4:

great. solve the problem exporting Capara with an option for 3d max Z axis up

There’s also this script which can help with that: Unreal Engine 4 - Camera Animation Exporter | ScriptSpot