Problem I encountered when trying to connect “widget BP” with another “widget BP”

Hello guys,
I need help, here is a problem I encountered when trying to connect “widget BP” with another “widget BP”, this is the system I created:
Player click “absord enalt textergy” button > ”STONE 01” button turn enable
following the problem that I experienced:

  1. STONE 1 button still disable.
    following the blueprint I’ve made:
  2. My Absord energy Blueprint:

  1. This is my stonecolection Widget

Please help all friends, if there is not clear, do not hesitate to tell me.



Well, the biggest issue I can see here is in the Absorb Energy Widget, you are “casting” to the Stone widget, fine…but the object you are feeding the cast node is a “self” reference. Which since you are casting from the absorb energy widget TO the stone widget this will always fail and that’s probably what that error is saying. “Self” does not inherit from stone widget. You need to get a reference to the stone widget from within the absorb energy widget. Easiest way to do this is where ever you “Create” the stone widget, save it as a reference and then cast TO the blueprint that created the stone widget (player character??) and from the player character grab the reference to the stone widget.