PROBLEM Architecture project too dark

Hi, i begin since two weeks on UE4 and things are not going that bad. However i builded lights to have a good render of my architectural project and that s very dark…like if the lights on inside materials were not projected. Any ideas how to fix the issue? Thank you

I am having the same problem. I have used a PPvolume, lightmassVOL, 1 direction light, a few spot lights, 2 point lights, skylight, and box/sphere reflections, yet still I feel my scene is way to muddy and dark. The cabinets I have in the scene are WAY to dark. I dont have as much window space than the looks of your scene however, so my directional light isnt as dominate.

Use an hdri and crank the intensity of the skylight. Put portals in each window. Tweak the pp volume. It should be your main source of illumination. Directional light are only good if you need strong sunny day shadows!

Follow this tutorial if you need more help :