Problem accepting invitation from a friend (EOS)(C++)

I have a problem accepting friend invites. (watch video)
None of the users appear on the Matchmaking website.

When using the SDK example everything works fine.

But I am using the interfaces of the online subsystem.

In the log I have two warnings

ExternalAccountType not set. TargetPlatform(None)


LogEOSSessions: Join accepted rejected. EOS_Sessions_AddNotifyJoinSessionAccepted must be called to support this UI event

I’m not sure how to add that notification.

The closest thing I’ve found is this:

I used the delegate but it doesn’t fire when the invite is accepted. So I think the solution must be another.

Any idea what I should do to fix this problem?

Thank you so much!!

Ok, Now I think it’s a UI bug.

When I sent the invite using my code it seems works fine.

So I think the UI invite button is not registering friends.

I mean, I think the UI is not doing this:

RegisterPlayer(sessionName, LocalUserId.Get(), bWasInvited);

If I’m wrong let me know please.
I haven’t really found any example or documentation to do this.
I’m basically doing this out of pure intuition.

Thank you so much!!

PS: Please fix the bug :slight_smile: