Probleb with Landscape blending(unnecessary transparency of layers)

Hi community. I hope you will help with our problem.

there are two layers - grass and gravel. It is necessary that the gravel is NOT transparent. The space between the stones was filled with grass. is obtained as below in the photo image1. use target value slider was 0,0.5,1 not help, another slide in image not help.


material on next image all default, Besides Flat tessellation and adaptive tessellation checkbox off, Used with static light on

Here is a mask at the output of the function EssEMaskDiapason_with_Delta with multiply*20


Here are the blending settings of these layers, similar layers of gravel or grass are tuned equally.
after layer blending goes to MatLayerBlend_Tesselated.

Also we have rocks but they work a little differently below the image. Rocks, they work a little differently below on image, they are connected(all other layer) using MatLayerBlend_Tesselated, where the alpha comes out LandscapeSampleLayer output

some can help me? please

It is due to limitations of how LandscapeLayerBlend works. Have in mind, that for maximum sharpness of the blend, you need to have your heightmaps balanced properly within 0 to 1 range, but even with that, you won’t be able to get as sharp blend, as you would have with heightlerp.

ok, i do some and it look good but, i must very careful with paint weight layer. and now we have problem with shader optimization, it brown now(

i not understand so how layer works it very hard tool. i saw stream epic on YouTube where very skill dude work with blend layer and there transparency too

so now we not have good answer or solution

look like we sollved this problem

but many artifact with this, epic how u do this?

but many artifact with this, epic how u do this?