Probblems with my hit scan Help

hi guys im new to unreal and im having problems with my hitscan / linetrace based shotting, im trying to implement a hitbox system so that when i shot the head it deals more dmg than on the body, but im having some troubles, firts i used hit component saying the component i wanted to hit so i create a static mesh and atached it to the head of the character but it didnt work then i used bone name and did this but still not working, does anyone know how can i do this please?

If I put a sphere collision in the character and set it to block all


I can trace to it, and find it with ‘hit component’



While the above may be enough for a headshot, consider this approach as well:

It’s using bones to handle hits. On top of that, I’d look into the Damage Class - it can process the Hit struct from the trace (hit scan) and apply modified damage.

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