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I have not done any kind of stress testing on the game servers themselves, but I’d love to. <3

The actual hardware is defined by the developer on a per server basis, and can range from (1 CPU 3.5GB ram) up to (64 CPU 240GB ram).

Quick update.

New version 00008 deployed and committed.

Multiple character support added. Players are now presented with a character select screen after login. Create delete, and select the character you want to use. Characters have their own persistent data: inventory, abilities, etc.

This is optional - you can use a single character per player setup if you want. It’s such a standard MMO feature that I felt it should be included.

New Version 00009 committed and deployed.

Post process volume and material not present on some maps
Dropping an item and picking it up again made the item unusable
Ability bar keymap inconsistent.

Thanks for the bug reports everyone. I really appreciate that!

Hi I’m confused. Why are there only 3 files in the github repo , please? GitHub - uetopia/ProMMO: Multiplayer tools for persistent worlds.

Hi Jazz

I am currently maintaining two branches. One for the stock 4.18 engine, and one for the patched 4.18 engine. I strongly recommend using the patched engine until Epic approves my pull request.

Please use the branch that matches the engine build that you are using.

Thanks to all of the developers that have been signing up and trying out the demos. It has helped immensely with identifying some UI/UX issues on the site and in game. THANK YOU!

This information, along with conversations I’ve been having with some of you has inspired some core level changes to the platform.

In game user registration
New user registration can happen in-game. Some people were launching the game and attempting to login for the first time, only to see an error, or have nothing happen at all. Now, users can launch the exe, and a user account is created for them.

Removed “authorize to play” requirement
Game authorization has been completely removed. Some users were getting stuck trying to join a match, or server without “authorize to play” being clicked first. They would end up seeing an error, or waiting while nothing happens. Now, a user’s first play of the game automatically authorizes the game for play.

Removed server currency transfer
Server currency transfer has been completely removed. Some users were getting stuck with “auto-authorization” settings being either too low, too high, or more than they could afford. It was also confusing to have a different balance in-game, and have it transfer back after logout. Now, users have access to their entire CRED wallet when they join a server.

New api endpoint domain
All api requests should point to the new api endpoint domain. This helps to isolate user requests from backend server requests. Update your .ini config files to point to the new domain. Details are in the developer walkthrough documentation.

These are low level changes, and will impact current projects. Just grab the latest plugin, and example code, and make 2 .ini changes, and you’ll be up and running again.

Again, it has been really helpful to chat with you all… Hearing your comments and concerns really motivates me to fine tune the platform to meet your needs.

If you haven’t already gotten in touch with me, please do! The best way is to find me on the unreal slackers discord. I am “Element”. I’d love to hear what you’re doing!

You should consider starting your own discord server for answering support question and letting users chat. I see a lot of marketplace sellers doing that now. I’m in quite a few of them.

Yes, we have a discord. I am keeping it private until we get though beta. PM me or find me on Unreal slackers if you’d like to request an invite.

Looks really great, thanks for uploading it! :smiley:

The UETOPIA plugin has been approved and is live on the marketplace.

It is recommended to use the version from github, and the patched engine for serious projects.

I’ve been working on a crafting system, and I’d like to get some feedback from you all on it.

Should I include it in the PRO/MMO code base?

Please let me know your thoughts.

Sorry that the game music is so loud.

I do not think you should include that in the Pro MMO code base. As an optional plugin sure :slight_smile:

Hi, is it possible to do steam login to authorize players into the matchmaking system or should I reject them based on steam auth once they try to reach my game server? This has some issues, as for example, people without the game in their library (pirate versions, for instance) being matched against other players and then not being able to connect leaving the session with fewer players than expected.

Steam authentication is not supported at this time.

Overview of the multiplayer scaling options available using the UETOPIA backend:

New walk-through for 4.19. It is much faster and easier. Find the link in the original post.

What link download you asset / project ?



Full instructions can be found in the walk-through video.

Here is a quick summary:

Sign in at
Enable developer in your profile
Click the developer link in the nav
Expand the developer tools panel
Find all of the links and documentation

thank you,
by cons I do not understand your site? why pay? your system is not open source? I see NEW GAME; GROUP etc what’s on your site?

Your system is not independent … It’s like Photon unity … your project depends on your BACK END, so if I want to make my own games on my dedicated server I can do it? or must I pay?

In either case, you should not say that your PROJECT IS FREE if you ask to pay for the server rental.