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10/18/2019 UPDATE:
Example Game has replaced this project as of Engine 4.23 Please use the Example Game forum thread.

Built to scale! Open Source / Free*


Walk Through

Included competitive eSports features
In-game Tournaments
Customizable Metagame
Leader board
Recent Players
Player data persistence (rank, level, score, etc)
Server management

Detailed feature descriptions

Connect players and teams of players into games. Customizable to tune to your games specific requirements. Designed to scale without limits.

Run tournaments without the need for any external tournament management software. Designed to scale.

Factions, Seasons, Control grid, and resource collection.

Leader board
Built in ELO ranking system. You can implement your own, or use an external API.

Standard friends support which shows current game playing, server or match location, and online status. Invite friends to a party from here.

Recent players
Shows the most recent players that you’ve come in contact with. Invite players to your friends list from here.

Party / Team
Group up with friends and compete together.

Player Data Persistence
All information related to the player is retained. A player keeps all of this data when joining new matches.

Server management
All servers are controlled and allocated dynamically. Servers are only online for the duration of the match. Keeping servers offline when not in use saves money.

  • All game code, and the UETOPIA plugin are open source, and free. You are still bound by Epic’s license agreement. The backend is free to use, but must be configured correctly or server uptime charges may apply. Follow the walkthrough to get set up.

This is beta! The codebase is stabilizing, and there are no unresolved issues. However, there may be undetected bugs, that will require fixes. Additional features and functionality will be added as they become available.

Questions / comments? I’d love to hear from you.

Here is the 4.19 video walk through:

Thanks to all of the developers that have been signing up and trying out the demos. It has helped immensely with identifying some UI/UX issues on the site and in game. THANK YOU!

This information, along with conversations I’ve been having with some of you has inspired some core level changes to the platform.

In game user registration
New user registration can happen in-game. Some people were launching the game and attempting to login for the first time, only to see an error, or have nothing happen at all. Now, users can launch the exe, and a user account is created for them.

Removed “authorize to play” requirement
Game authorization has been completely removed. Some users were getting stuck trying to join a match, or server without “authorize to play” being clicked first. They would end up seeing an error, or waiting while nothing happens. Now, a user’s first play of the game automatically authorizes the game for play.

Removed server currency transfer
Server currency transfer has been completely removed. Some users were getting stuck with “auto-authorization” settings being either too low, too high, or more than they could afford. It was also confusing to have a different balance in-game, and have it transfer back after logout. Now, users have access to their entire CRED wallet when they join a server.

New api endpoint domain
All api requests should point to the new api endpoint domain. This helps to isolate user requests from backend server requests. Update your .ini config files to point to the new domain. Details are in the developer walkthrough documentation.

These are low level changes, and will impact current projects. Just grab the latest plugin, and example code, and make 2 .ini changes, and you’ll be up and running again.

Again, it has been really helpful to chat with you all… Hearing your comments and concerns really motivates me to fine tune the platform to meet your needs.

If you haven’t already gotten in touch with me, please do! The best way is to find me on the unreal slackers discord. I am “Element”. I’d love to hear what you’re doing!

The UETOPIA plugin has been approved and is live on the marketplace

It is still recommended to use the patched engine, and enhanced plugin for serious projects.

New walk-through added. This is much easier, and faster. Find the link in the original post.

Is there any way to allow users to use their steam accounts instead of using google, facebook, github, etc.

Steam Authentication is not supported at this time.

New devlog up on itch and the UETOPIA blog documenting monetization strategies, and how they are used within UETOPIA. Did I miss any?

New feature demo video uploaded.

In-match sponsors and ads.

Another short demo. I cover groups, and how they are implemented in this video.

Metagame functionality just added:

Support for the 4.21.0 engine is up on github.

New functionality just added: Use offers, vouchers, and badges to grant access to specific game modes, servers, or functionality in-game.

Example Game has replaced this project as of Engine 4.23 Please use the Example Game forum thread.