Printing in Anim Graph

Hello guys,

Is there a way to print the value of an FTransform inside AnimGraph of a Animation Blueprint? There aren’t any exec, so if I make a function that takes an input, outputs it through Print String, and sends the input out to the output (in essence, just Print String) will that get called automatically?

What I’m trying to do is set some FTransforms to a TArray, in C++ code, that is readable and writable by the blueprint. After populating the TArray (I can confirm that this works by printing the value at indices in Event Graph through Print String), I want to access it in Anim Graph in order to apply a transform to a bone using the FABRIK node. However, I am not seeing any visual changes to the bones, so I want to be able to determine if the TArray actually contains the correct values inside the AnimGraph.

tldr; Is there a way to somehow print the values of a TArray in AnimGraph?

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You could write a blueprint pure node and try inserting it into the anim graph then have the c++ side print it?