Print String not showing on Oculus Quest

Hi there folks,

I am currently working on a Oculus Quest project and for debugging I am using multiple “printString” nodes in my blueprints.
When I play it in the editor it works, but when I launched the project to the Quest none of my printString works.

Are there any settings that prevent the printString node to print out in the quest when launched?


I also have this issue, although I have vague memories that it was working earlier. Very annoying as print string is the easiest way to debug simple stuff.

Did you manage to sort it out?

In VR, you should better go for a TextRender Component, because while the Print String does print the content, it prints this at a position, you might just not see in your headset.

You also can just print to log and check the logs, if that’s an option (not really good for realtime)

Another quick hack: just use an Append node and insert some blank lines before your actual string (Shift Enter).

Or add a UMG Widget to print content.