Preview Shadows watermark in Video Renders

I know what the “Preview” Shadow watermark is for, and I know how to disable it in the main viewport. My question is every time I try to render a movie through Matinee, even through my preview shadows are disabled, it will render them in the movie…Is there a way to disable them in movie rendering as well without rebuilding the entire scene lighting?? Seems like it should be easy, yet I can’t find the solution. Thanks.

Actually I just figured this out, and I will share it just in case anybody else has this problem or wants to know. To remove the “Preview” shadow indicator in movie renders just change the light source(s) to movable instead of static, etc. This will remove the “preview” in view port, and most importantly remove it in matinee movie sequences when you render and save them to the hard drive. Simple solution.

Thanks! I was looking for this fix. It worked.

Does this work in later versions like 4.25

Excellent !Thanks¡