Preview precomputed visibility


I’m trying to preview the precomputed visibility cells so I know what he’s culling or not, but I can’t seem to do that in the engine. I remember using it with ue3, and I could have a viewport playing, and see the wireframe on another viewport appearing/disappearing. I have show precomputed visibility and I can see the cells on the level, but I can’t be sure if it’s working or not, because if I toggle wireframe, I can still see all the models as if no culling is happening.

Anyone has any pointers on what I’m doing wrong?

Thank you!

Hi Esteves,

In UE3 I believe there was a view mode that you could use to see what was being occluded and not, but this hasn’t made it into UE4. Not sure if it will.

One trick I use for testing occlusion culling issues is the console command FREEZERENDERING. You can then use this to move around the level and see if you’re getting the results you would like with occlusion culling/precomputed visibility culling.

Also keep in mind that you can use the CVar for Stat InitViews to check if precomputed visibility is working as well. The UE3 documentation for Precomputed Visibility still applies here for what lines to check and what they mean.

I hope this helps.