Preview/Montor window showing on full window

Whoops, “Preview/Monitor window NOT showing on full window” should be the title. My bad!

Bit weird, so let me explain. In-vive, everything is fine and renders great, but the monitor window, the thing that shows what the vive sees without distortion, only renders the middle third of the screen. Everything else is just black. It’s kind of like someone’s taking a video of what I’m doing, via a vertical iPhone.

I’d like for the preview/monitor window to show fullscreen (or some not-weird-vertical-iPhone-resolution) for recording trailers/demos purposes. hmd mirror mode console command doesn’t do me much good (since it either bugs out on me, or doesn’t show what I want). Anyone know of a solution for this, or maybe a work-around for creating non-stereoscopic/stretched trailers?


HMD mirror mode is for Occulus only. As of now there appears to be no way to do what you are wanting.

In examples that you see it done for the Vive they are using Unity which has a fairly easy way to do it as I am told.