Preview Lighting with Force Precomputed Lighting?

I ran into an issue with my game that bothered me for a while until I discovered the solution so I thought I would post here. I originally thought it was a bug, but I think its just the way the engine was set up.

I disabled lightmaps for my project (if you’re making a PC only release, I highly recommend it as there’s no lighting build anymore and you don’t need to worry about the frustratingly difficult lightmap channel for your models and hardly seems to impact performance) but for some strange reason I was getting the “Preview” lighting warning all over my map. Building the project did nothing as the lights are all dynamic and don’t need to be built anymore. The solution (took me a while to figure it out) is to set the Mobility of your Directional Light to Movable. For whatever reason if its set to either Static or Stationary(as mine was) it doesn’t work properly.
A simple fix, but frustrating one to notice so I thought I’d mention it here in case anyone else runs into the issue while playing with dynamic lighting.

set the mobility of your Directional Light to “Movable”.