Preview Depth for destructible meshes always set to 0, unable to see shatter effect?

In videos demonstrating the destructible mesh feature, the option to change the preview depth from 0 to 1, which shows the actual shatter effect in action is available, but when I try to set it from 0 there are no other options. Also my preview is extremely dark and I can barely make out the model, regardless of type. Most likely a simple fix, but would be highly appreciated if you could let me know how to fix it! (also objects are not smashing when I import them, either from falling or from shooting a projectile)

Hey Eoin,

You’ve got a few questions here, so I’ll try to address them in order. Let me know if I miss anything!

  1. The most likely reason you don’t have an option to view your Destructible Mesh at Preview Depth 1 is that you haven’t fractured it yet. Click the Fracture Mesh button in the Toolbar and it should automatically switch the Preview Depth to 1, which shows 1 level of destruction.

  2. You can hold down the L key and LMB + drag to move the light source around inside the Destructible Mesh editor window. With that you will be able to get the light shining directly onto your model.

  3. There’s a couple things you need to do to get the Destructible to react to outside forces. First, make sure Simulate Physics is enabled. Second, in the Collision settings, make sure Simulation Generates Hit Events is enabled, otherwise the Destructible Mesh won’t recognize collision as a Hit. Lastly, in the Destructible Mesh’s Damage Parameters (Destructible Settings tab > Destructible Mesh > Default Destructible Parameters > Damage Parameters)
    , make sure the Default Impact Damage Depth is NOT a negative number. Zero is fine.

Now if you start your DM above the ground in your level and hit Play or Simulate, you can see it fall and break into pieces when it hits the ground!

Hope that helps get you started!

Ben Halliday

Hey there!

Thank you for the great and detailed answer!

Unfortunately I have followed the steps above but the Preview Depth still stays at 0, even after fractured at various settings. I’m on Mac OS and have seen a few others have this problem. Everything else works as it should, but since the fracture doesn’t actually happen/Preview depth 1 doesn’t show up, when the object is in the game world it just falls and bounces slightly.

Any idea how to get past this or should I just wait for a future update?



Okay, looks like Mac is having a couple issues with Destructibles currently. I’m able to reproduce the same thing you’re seeing, and it looks like Fracture Mesh is just not working on Mac right now. I am entering a bug report for that.

Until that is fixed, be careful after you close and reopen your project. Your Destructible Meshes will say “Invalid” in the Preview Depth dropdown, and attempting to Fracture Mesh will crash the editor, as described here:

I’ll let the developers know this is going on and hopefully we’ll get this fixed quickly. Thank you for pointing this out to us!


Ben Halliday

Excellent, I look forward to the next update, thanks for the tips!


Hi Eoin, Ben,

Unfortunately this is a bug we’ve been looking into for a while, but we’ve yet to identify the cause of the problem on OS X. We haven’t forgotten about it and we will continue to look into it.