Preventing reflection from staining entire floor

I’m having a really weird problem that I think is caused by reflections; I’m using a very low-poly art style, and have noticed that by default every interior floor has a very bright, soap bubble sheen to it. I think this is being caused by reflections, as the only way I’ve found to get rid of it is to place a reflection capture volume and turn its brightness to 0. Here’s a small sphere capture whose area displays the texture correctly, while the surrounding floor is bright and shiny:

So what’s the correct workflow to manage this? Should I just be placing box reflection captures everywhere, and turning them all down to 0? It seems like a waste of system resources to explicitly capture reflections just to null them out, but I’ve been messing with this all evening and haven’t found any other way to correct it.

What kind of roughness values you use? What specular values? If you setup reflection probes correclty and your materials are PBR then everything should look very realistic. What kind of skylight you have?

For woods I like to set the roughness by lerping 0.5-0.8 by the normal, so you get the illusion of contours and stuff in the grain, but I tried replacing that with a constant of 1.0 and still saw tons and tons of the shininess from that screenshot. The skylight is movable with shadows disabled (levels are generated at runtime, so there’s no getting around it :frowning: ).

What’s a reflection probe? I’m learning a lot of the PBR stuff on the fly, so it’s entirely possible I skipped an obvious step by lieu of not realizing I was supposed to do it. :slight_smile:

Problem is that you floor reflects sky(from movable skylight without shadows) at inside. You need reflection captures for interiors to fix that. Another option is shadows for your skylight.

That makes sense, the reflection captures are easy to do… the reason I originally turned shadows off is because it was producing really weird artifacting on the walls; I know the root of the problem is DFAO, since visualizing it shows white patches that exactly match the bleeding, but do you happen to know what causes the root problem?

Never used DFAO. I would guess that your walls are too thin.

Hmmkay, thank you :slight_smile: