Preventing references to character blueprint from disappearing after unloading streamed levels

Hey guys,

First of all I wanted to say that the UE community and answerhub are truly amazing! I lost count on how many times I’ve found solutions to problems on these forums :).

Now I’m stuck with a problem I cant seem to find a solution for. I searched around on the web but couldnt find anything.
I’ve created a persistent level that at one point became quite heavy and slowed down the performance. I then found out about the level streaming and set up ten sub levels. The increase in performance was great, but I noticed that I seem to be unable to reference to any other blueprint from the character blueprint. I mean, I’ve created functionality inside the character bp and reference to certain other bp’s, then I had to use this pipet tool to select the referenced bp’s in the editor viewport. This doesnt seem to work anymore, since every time I try the reference keeps saying “none”. Also the Cast to Character Blueprint I had in my persistent level bp is not working anymore.
This worked fine before I divided the persistent level into smaller chunks for level streaming, so I started to wonder if there are things I have to do differently?

Hope someone can help :slight_smile:

You have my gratitude


Hey people :),

Figured it out. Turned out I had to reference to the actor through the specific level bp they were in. Got everything working again. :smiley: