Preventing listen server disconnects.. ini setup help

Greetings. I have a multiplayer FPS game that works via listen server. It is not very well network optimised. Typically a PIE netstat query might show a client using about 10,000 (bytes?).

Clients with poor connections are disconnecting, especially as people like to play on 240fps on less than ideal connections.

There are several variables in defaultEnginge.ini I have been experimenting with, with some progress. Basically I’d like to know more about these settings as Google didnt bear much fruit here. Either that, or some suggests as to actual numbers to use to prevent disconnects.

So assuming my game is not well optimised (working on it!), I am trying to setup the engine to prevent disconnects by allowing clients to send and recieve a lot of data. But I am not sure which of these figures are caps, which relate to server, client, etc. This is what I have now, which is kind of working but still results in disconnects.



I have set an long time out in the Steam subsystem like so


There are also these settings, which shoudl go in default engine? I am not currently defining them but might they be able to help?