Prevent SteamVR from starting in a VR application in a non VR mode?

Hi All,
Working on an application that is first and foremost a VR application and normally launches directly into VR. However, I need to add a non VR mode for some special features. This mode is launched separately from the normal VR mode with different command line args.

Command line args: even if I do NOT pass *-vr * and/or I DO include *-nohmd *, SteamVR always loads up.
Project Settings - “Start in VR” is **NOT **checked.
Project does include the SteamVR & SteamVRInput plugin
UE4 Version: 4.23.1 (same behavior on previous versions I’ve tested on)

What triggers SteamVR to load? If its the SteamVR Plugin, can it be enabled/disabled dynamically?

If anyone has a suggestion I would greatly appreciate it, thanks.

UPDATE - SOLUTION: The SteamVR plugin folks have an engine patch that resolves the issues…