Prevent rendering stop when headset is not worn (Oculus)

Dear UE wizards,

Is it possible to prevent rendering from freezing when HMD is not worn (Oculus Rift) in compiled builds? - by default it does a frame-freeze until the headset is worn again;

We’re planning to use it during an exhibition and keeping the render thread alive would be very helpful;
There’s a low-tech option of putting black tape on the proximity sensor, but we need this functionality to reset the experience to start state if somebody abandons it mid-way;


Hello Aerloth,

I’m not familiar with any way to override this functionality. I’d experiment with “Get HMDWorn State” It may be possible to transition in and out of VR mode.

With the “low-tech” solution, it may be possible to create a system that checks for HMD movement, and if the HMD is completely still, reset the experience.

If you will have an operator at all times during the exhibition, creating a keyboard shortcut to reset the experience would probably be easiest.

Hi. Anybody has an answer for that? :S

would like to know that as well :slight_smile:

I also really need a solution for this if the host user takes off their headset and hasn’t disabled or increased the sleep timer and the quest 2 goes to sleep. Clients can no longer play the game everything is frozen but they can walk around in their world.

also need to know this for Quest 2 so sleep doesn’t interrupt hosting replication etc…

bump still need solution

I need the Game Thread not to stop when the headset goes to sleep so that a player hosting a peer to peer game placing headset down to answer a door doesn’t ruin the game

Bumping this. This issue really makes listen server games impossible on quest