Prevent painting foliage over other foliage

Hi, I cannot find a way to prevent painting a given foliage type over another foliage type (using the paint tool, not procedural). Is there a way to control this? Thanks.

There should be a tick box in the foliage tool for the types of objects the foliage will ‘paint’ onto - static meshes, BSP meshes, etc. One of these should be for foliage, and unchecking it should do exactly what you are after.

I tried that but that doesn’t seem to work (4.17.1): I tested with a rock and tree, both having the foliage filter unchecked. I populated an area densely with the rocks, then I populated trees over the rocks and…I had trees populated over the rocks. I would have expected the trees would not pop up. In case that would help I made the rocks as “block all” collision but this had no effect on the fact I could still populate trees on top of them.

Oh, I see what you are trying to do.

The tick box stops foliage from sitting directly on the surface of other foliage (so grass doesn’t appear on the tops of trees, for instance). Your trees shouldn’t be sitting on the top of the rocks - they should be sitting on the ground. However, I don’t think there is any way to tell the foliage tool that ‘trees aren’t allowed on ground already covered in rocks’.

after painting, use the SELECT to move the foliage … top right, little arrow icon.

Indeed there doesn’t seem to be such a functionality for painting foliage (too bad!), however this exists withing the context of procedural foliage spawning. In such a case, if spawning trees in areas where there are already rocks, the rocks instances below the trees will be deleted. It would be great to have the same functionality for foliage painting, this would limit overdraw.