Pressing trigger in VR mess up the direction

Hi, my first post here, I have an issue :
I am developping a VR game and I have implemented a movement, all works well except when I press the trigger (Oculus quest), the camera is then moving sideways, I mean when I hold one trigger, the camera move to the direction of the controller so if the controller is facing left, the camera will move left…

here a screenshot of the blueprint

Thanks, but I did all that already, I can move, climb mountain, stairs… the issue is when I press a trigger, for some reason, my forward axis become the controller forward axis despite puting it to the camera, when I do not press the trigger, I will move as intended, but when I press the trigger, the controller whom wich the trigger has been pressed become the forward axis… If I press both trigger, i will stop moving

my bad i misunderstood. let me remove my answer :slight_smile: