Prerequisites install error in packaged project

see here for log file


I do not see anything called ‘AeroComp’ or ‘AeroCompPackage’ within the Marketplace. It’s possible that I could have accidentally read over it. Could you please provide some additional information?

Thank you.

Hello Samantha,

Sorry for the confusion. I was talking about this project.

It was packaged using VS2015. You can download it.

Thank you!

I downloaded the playable demo and did not run into trouble. Are you talking about the playable demo or the project itself? If it’s the project, please link me directly to that post.

Thank you.

Hi Samantha,

Thank you for looking into it!
In the meantime I tested it on another rig, also with Win8 64bit + Classic Shell and it ran there.

I also disabled the windows firewall and it did not show any effect, i.e. it still would not run on the one rig.
It is as if something prevents the .exe to run. I still have to figure out what it is.

Have you tried reinstalling your version of UE4 on your computer that you’re having trouble with? I’d also verify that there is no other type of firewall or antivirus on your computer that would cause any type of blocking of the project.

Looking forward to hearing back from you, thanks!

It is a packaged demo.

I think I will look later into it, because I do not want to change to much on the rig only to get the demo running. It ran on all other test rigs, to I think it is fine. I would not follow it up for now.