Preparring a project for Vive without a headset...

I have the opertunity to test our project on the Vive and was wondering if it is possible to build the project on a machine without a Vive headset (I do however have a DK2) and have the project taken over to an office with a Vive. What would need to happen to get it working? Would it ‘just work’ like the Oculus Rift? or is there a bit of poking around involved?

All the HMDs go through a common plugin interface so in theory the Vive HMD should just work. Likewise if you add MotionController components to your game to track the Vive controller positions that should just work when you get there. Definitely develop using version 4.9 or later.

One gotcha I can think is with Vive you need to set your Pawn’s eye height to 0 and snap the Pawn’s location to the ground plane, or else you will not be at the correct height in game.