Precomputed Visibility

The Occluded primitives has the same value as Statically occluded primitives in Stat Initviews command. But when I use FreezeRendering in Mobile PIE and flying arouind with camera the objects disappear. Is it just Stat Initviews error?

Hi SETEvoy94,

This is to be expected since mobile does not yet support dynamic occlusion queries. So what you’re seeing in the Mobile preview is only the Statically Occluded Primitives.

You can test this in your non-mobile PIE as well by just using the command r.AllowOcclusionQueries 0 to disable dynamic occlusion all together. This can help give you a better idea possibly of what you’re seeing here. In Mobile PIE when you step outside of the visibility cell you’ll notice that the Stat Initiviews removes any counters for actors in the scene since it’s no longer being used and occluded primitives doesn’t have a value since it’s not used on mobile.

I hope this helps.


That’s helped a lot! Thanks Tim!