Precompute Visibility

I’m trying to add Visibility Volumes to my level and have a couple of questions:

Firstly, when I try to Precompute Visibility I get an error saying that Precompute Visibility is currently disabled. Where do I enable it? I can’t find the option anywhere in the Project Settings, or any reference to it in online documentation.

Secondly, I’m making a title where the player and the AI can go to all the same places, so marking the level out with Visibility Volumes feels like a waste of time when the Nav Mesh exists. Would it be sensible / possible to add a tick box to Nav Meshes to allow them to be used for Precompute Visibility tests alongside Visibility volumes?

thanks :slight_smile:

Hey Jimmy,

To turn on Precompute Visibility click on the Settings toolbar button and open up World Settings, you will see the following options just below the Lightmass section:

The second part I am not sure what the best way would be, or if that is possible currently… Hopefully someone else with more info can chime in on that part for you. :slight_smile:

How do i get rid of the red text in my view NO PRECOMPUTED VISIBILITY?

you build the lighting and everything.