Precompute Static Visibility Problem

Hello all.

So I am simply trying to “Precompute Static Visibility”— “ONLY”.

Every time in the Build drop-down when I activate Precompute Static Visibility, it kicks of the Swarm agent for “Lightmass rendering”. As I have already built the light mass for multiple levels and simply need to precompute for the camera animation.

Is there no way to build “Precompute Static Visibility” without having to re-build the “Lightmass” for all levels?


P.S Precomputed Visibility is activated in the world settings.

Hi expungeme,

When you select the “Precompute Static Visibility” option from the build menu you show above it only rebuilds the precomputed visibility volumes. It’s not rebuilding lighting even though the pop-up in the bottom corner may indicate so. If you have a very complex level with many objects it may take a while, but it’s shorter than a normal light build that has to be calculated.