Precision mode for UI sliders similar to Substance Painter and Blender

So many times in Unreal I have had to make small increments in a slider, and because of how quick the UI is when sliding I would just manually increment.

Blender has had a precision mode activated for almost all actions by simply holding down shift which I have found insanely useful.

I have been wanting to ask if we can get this as a feature for a while but I always thought it was more of a niche idea, but then in the recent Substance Painter update they added it, proving it is a great way to get fine control while not relying on any fixed increments.

Thanks and I hope this will be added in the future.

Too many actions like dragging sliders, transforming actors in the viewport or especially scaling are too imprecise and setting snapping values makes little to no difference.
It’s costing a lot of time that a precision-editing mode could save.
This seems like a very basic addition that could have an amazing impact on workflow.
In the very least I’m hoping for a way to change the sensitivity of editing these values.

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