Precisely applying textures/materials to meshes

Hey guys,

so I came back from a few years break from modeling and gosh, have things changed. Unreal Engine is a beast! I seem to have missed some developments though.
So the concept of draggin, dropping and connecting elements to come up with materials is pretty new to me., but I think I’m getting there.

What I miss, though, is a way to precisely adjust a texture, like I would painting a UV map. I can only drag a material onto a mesh (that I can subdivide into certain materials).
Lets say I have a rectangular plate and want it to be metal, but have a stitched lether seam all around the 4 edges.
If I divide the mesh into 2 materials, 2 sides may be correct, but 2 others will probably be 90° tilted.

Plus, lets imagine its just a plane that is one material. I can lay the texture on the mat and apply the mat, but how can I adjust the texture to sit perfectly where I want it to sit? Using the Texture Coord element seems very rough and unprecise. In the old days I could just pan and zoom the texture on an element (granted, those were brushes, not SMs).

The other question is scaling the texture. I have a high res texture for a small arrowtip, but it seems blurry when applied. I am missing something of a comprehensive texturing guide for Static Meshes.

Working with models from Blender.

Sorry, these questions probably have stupid easy answers and I’m just looking the wrong direction. Thanks anyway!