Precalculated light on design options

Is there any chance to precalculate the light on different design options?

We have a massive building and there is a room in it where we want to show 2 different layouts affecting the lighting massively because the meshes are different (also there are different internal walls in each).

We managed to toggle between the options during play using level stream, but the lights are not correct. We are unsure if we should use the light scenario option… Or is that works only when only light objects are in the streaming levels?

To sum up. There are two design options (One initially loaded at start) both containing furniture and few lights and we would like to switch between them with having the light precalculated for both. The direct light and the skylight is on the persistent level at the moment.

Hope there is an easy way to achieve this.
Any help would be much appreciated.


I think the easiest solution would be to not have anything in the persistent level, and then split everything up the into different levels.
Make levels that only contains the environment, gameplay objects etc.
And make two different levels/lighting scenarios (one for each level, or combination of levels. For one scenario you could have two different environment levels visible) for your lighting with two different sets of skylight and direct light.

I hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer.

My direct light (sun) is set to movable and it is controlled by blueprint with an input key. NO light bake in.

My indirect skylight is the same for the project for both design options. And that is calculated in the lightmass.
Do you think it still worth to duplicate the skylight for each scenarios? Or ue4 can overlay the light scenario over the skylight from the persistent level?

Btw. I have successfully finished the light calculation with this method and it looks kind of ok. But I don’t know if it is the right way to do it.

To be honest I can’t say if the skylight can handle that or not.
You could do a quick test and move the skylight into the lighting scenario and see if there are any visual differences compared to having it in the persistent level. If it all looks the same, then you could probably keep it in the persistent level.

On a side note, generally I try to keep the persistent level clean and instead put stuff in different levels. That way you get more control of how you compose your levels :slight_smile:

That’s true!

Thanks again. I will check if there is any difference.