Prebaked static light for dynamic objects?

We have a VR application where the user can control the light of the scene. The scene can get pretty dark. The user interface an 3D objects that are part of the interface shall not get affected by the scene lighting (VR Controllers).

We removed the elements from Lighting Channel 1 and placed them into Lighting Channel 3 and now the problems begin. I simply would add a skylight and set it to channel 3, but as skylights do not support channels, we can’t do that. I tried to setup 3 directional lights for Channel 3 but the result is still horrible. Just using emissive materials looks horrible.

I thought about using prebaked light maps (baked in e.g. blender) but materials do not support that.

Also the elements are affected by the user controllable SkyLight…

Any ideas?

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Thanks, but that is not what I asked.

Can’t you modify the models to make the use of Emissive materials not look horrible?
IF you clamp the emission to a max of 1 the object shouldn’t look much different.
You need to manually pass in an AO map into the input obviously. You are taking over any and all light rendering based on a “static” position.
In aother words, you can bake the materials from Blender as a mix into 1 unified texture, and feed that texture to the emissive channel with a “dim” option (multiply to a clamp) in order to slightly adjust how bright it renders.
I would power it with something the engine already knows/has a variable for. Maybe the Eye Occlusion curve…

Thank you, that sounds quite good. Though cause of lack of time, we just go with 4 directional lights to channel3 without shadow casting at the moment.