Pre-rendered high quality 360 degree stereo scenes inside UE4?

Has anyone given any thought to how one might embed high quality pre-rendered 360 degree stereo scenes within UE4?

I read this article and it got me thinking:

Also I recently entered the Render the Metaverse competition that OTOY and Oculus have been running together for GearVR with a render from some of my scans from the Infinite Museum. Obviously the quality of the output with Octance VR (non-realtime) is very impressive. OTOY are soon to support animations on Octane VR too I believe - I’m guessing similar to what is described in the Renderman article in the first link above.

Most of the time I’m going to want realtime in my Infinite Museum VR app and UE4 should work just fine quality-wise for 95% of the users interaction I expect to have in my app. But occasionally I might be prepared to fix the user in place so they can’t move if it allowed me to show something in ultra-high pre-rendered detail. This is where I think pre-rendered scenes from another offline engine could be useful.

I guess what I’m after is something that plays 360 degree pre-rendered stereo videos within UE4. It’s the only way it could work I think. So with that in mind does anyone have any ideas where I might look in order to start to tackle this? Has anyone already done some legwork for this kind of thing within UE4 and willing to share?