Pre-Rendered Backgrounds

Hey Community,

I had a quick question and I was unsure on how to achieve something I was working on. I’m interested in the idea of pre-rendered backgrounds however i’m unsure on how to go about this.


Anyways. The image here is a simple test for a background image. However, I had an idea… i’m guessing this image be applied to the HUD, scaled by the resolution sizes. However this means one major problem. The Character will no longer be seen because there will literally be a texture covering the HUD so this is a no go.

I simply cannot figure out how to make this work. I’m not worried about the programming aspect of it but I need to figure out(With the communities help!) how to have a character run around on the background. If anybody has some suggestions by all means post them please.

I tried to follow this: Tutorial to the Creation of Prerendered Backgrounds - Epic Games Forums

But I have no idea what “First thing we’re going to do is assign the half-invisible texture to the entirety of the map” means at all.

Ah-ha… I figured it out.

The trick is as follows;

  1. Create an image and apply it to a plane.
  2. Match the plane with the camera (Size).
  3. Size the plane with the camera and place the plane itself far away (While making sure it fits the camera space)
  4. Enjoy the pre-rendered background.