Pre Made Assets?

Hi all, how’s it going? I’m just curious if UE4 comes with any pre made assets that we can use in our dev such as water particles, smoke, etc. maybe even a few basic static meshes to build from? Anyways, hope to hear an answer soon. Cheers!

Hi Byong,

Yeah, there are a number of free samples included on the marketplace, and you can use any assets in them in your own game. The engine itself also includes a set of starter content you can auto-include into any new project you make (some meshes, cool materials, a few particle systems, etc…).

Here’s a partial list of samples that are available: 示例与教学 | 虚幻引擎文档

Michael Noland

Thanks a lot Michael! I have a few of the samples downloaded as well as the content examples, how would I go about importing them into my project?

Open the source project and migrate the content to the destination project using the content browser (

Michael Noland

On this topic, is there any chance of actually packaging assets like we can in Unity?
It is not the greatest thing in the world to be have to open the source project and migrate assets to another existing project.
It would be great to have a standalone package file and be able to import that into any other file.