PR #1552 : Toon Shading Model

Feature Request: PR #1552 : Toon Shading Model

PR by: Arnage

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To Epic staff,

I was wondering if there is any news or any info really on Epic’s plans/views/status concerning Arnage’s toon shading model PR ?

Arnage’s shading model gained some extra attention recently on Epic’s Livestream HERE
Unfortunately, it was misunderstood and presented as a plugin and not as a pull request.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


To Community,

If you’d like to help Arnage’s PR get attention, please leave a comment in the PR’s comment section and/or here

This was brought up in the Community Stream a week or two ago, it’s getting a lot of attention already but it takes a very long time for Pull Requests to go through, as engine staff have to validate it. It’s a lot easier to validate code you’ve written yourself :slight_smile:

I’m sure it will make it in. However, I’m fairly certain that Arnage made a plug-in version of this if you don’t want to download engine source code and merge this PR yourself.

It would be nice if Epic adds ink shader that is mobile friendly (not post process) along the way.

I’m fairly sure that Arnages one linked above is not Post Process, it’s a per-material shading model so should work just fine on Mobile. I imagine that’s primarily what it’s targeting anyway.

I don’t see any ink outlines in that thread, except on the video from the Japanese developer.

Hey! Great to see all the enthusiasm for the pull. It normally takes a little bit for us to fully pull something (gotta make sure to test it first), but I have a good feeling about this one :wink:

Expressing my enthusiasm for this topic :wink:

Oh Ink Shader, you mean edge detection? Unfortunately edge detection relies on screen-space post processing, so that’s the only way to achieve it. Never experimented with anything else personally.

Nope. There is no plugin version and no plans for a plugin version due quite a few complexities with Epic’s implementation of shading models.

For those who want to use it now though; Nate did provide 4.9 and 4.10 versions for users to use the shading model on stable releases.
*( in Arnage’s thread I linked at the top)

If you’re looking for sobel/outlines/edge detection this shading model does not do that.
The Japanese developer is using the shading model with their own implementation(they provided links) of sobel/edge dection for the outlines.

Yeah, unfortunately for now all edge detection in unreal is solely through post-process.

Hey Alexander! glad for your attention on this :cool:

Please pull! ;_;

Thanks for the enthusiasm everyone!

You could use the old school inverted geometry method. This should work just fine on mobile. Here’s a quick visual example to explain how it works:


@Arnage: I am aware of this technique :slight_smile: However, a shader should be doing it (copy, flip normals, offset, color with whatever color you need, etc.). It doesn’t have much overhead, but doing it via shader allows more freedom - you can tweak “thickness” of the outline on runtime, add noise to it to make ink thickness vary, etc. There is such ink shader for Unity ( Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making ) - really flexible and yields high performance on mobile platforms.

I would also like to express my interest in seeing this addition to the engine!

Me too. :slight_smile:

I am also giving my support to this being added to the engine. i think this solution is very elegant and would be a great addition to Unreal.

Another vote for the integration.

I want to also throw my card into the hat for merging to master.

+1 Vote for integration :slight_smile:

agree this could bee a great feature

Necro’ing like a baws.
tried this out ages ago and it is amazing, would be great to see it in the official engine so I don’t have to mess around with source code.