Pouring sand

Hey all,

I was wondering the best method of how I would go about creating pouring sand with collision and it being able to interact with the scene such as trigger volumes etc while being reasonably good on performance?

Eventually I would like the sand to react as weight depending on how much sand has been poured too.


The quick and dirty way would be just a set of meshs combined with some particle emitters maybe a timer to simulate the delay of weight building up. If you wanted to get more complex you’d have to look into something involving colliding particles and some aspect of PhysX. To start though I’d just fake it and see if the mechanic even works the way you want it to, and then move forward.

Isn’t this sortof what GPU particles are built to do? They have physics and collision…

So do you mean have a couple of meshes with an animated material over them and throw in some particle emiters in there?