Potentially migrating to quest

Hi everyone,

A bit new here, I’m an amateur dev coming from the animation industry as a director and generalist making (trying to make) a VR game.

That being said I’ve started a while ago on unity but migrated to unreal engine. The game has mostly been for PC VR but really thinking about making the turn for a solid quest version for obvious commercial reasons. My main question here is, how feasable a project with this recommendations is:

  • A platform shooter with a medium size map (not moss type framing levels) but much larger…
  • Multiplayer from 2 to 10 players max I reckon
  • It’s cartoon style, reducing textures (no spec/roughness/metallic for example)

My concern is mostly about generating a medium sized map, far from a battle royal obviouly but enough content for a 20 to 45min battle with around 3 different biomes without players crossing themselves at every corner.

Any advices and experience are welcome, I feel like quest is very limited but seems like the market to reach now…

Not Quest specfic but look into using the VR Expansion plugin (if not already). It addresses multiplayer, gripping objects (esp. weapons) and all sorts of stuff to make your life easier in VR. It’s somewhat complex by it’s very nature however so be warned. Good luck!

It’s absolutely doable. You’ll need to optimize it aggressively, but Unreal actually makes that fairly simple.

In my limited, non-expert opinion, on Quest the polygon count seems to matter substantially more than material complexity, so hit the mesh LODs hard. If you’re going for a cartoon look anyway, consider going for totally unlit materials so you can ignore lighting and shadows in addition to reducing material complexity.

Going totally unlit mat wasn’t in my mind regarding our look but might consider it actually. That’s reassuring about polygons, we’re already very much optimizing and heavily using normals from sculpts. I’m going to run some test anyway and see how thing goes, the quest 2 seems to handles much more too apparently.

I actually came across the VR expansion plugin and definitely going to have a look, might not be super useful for all the grabing part as it’s mostly a moss/lucky’s tale platform type, well… very different but you get the idea. Although the multiplayer seems useful to me! Thanks