PostProcessVolume smooth transition


I have disabled auto exposure from my project and placed PostProcessVolumes where need to boot exposure (mostly in dark rooms).
For now I have a main postprocessvolume wrapping aroung my all scene and a post process in a room. I’d like to know how to make the transition from this postprocessvolumed room,dar, to the the main postprocessvolume, bright and sunny much smoother so It doesn’t look like someone switch something on or off (mostly due to the fact that outside light looks almost burnet from the inside).

Thanks a lot

Can you post a pic or two, please? I would suggest Blend Radius and Blend Weight, but those probably aren’t exclusively the settings to correct it.

Thanks Preto, blend radius did the trick. My blend radius was too small… so obvious…
Now I have to work on the other settings to adjust things a bit

Yeah, when there’s lots of things to consider, and working on it is priority, it’s easy to not see a setting or two in the jumble of what’s available to do different things. There’s also a really wide variety of settings in UE to use for similar purposes.