PostProcessVolume Sliders not working as intended

Now, I didn’t even bother trying to look at the other values in the PPV, I wasn’t going to ruin my whole scene, it was already bad enough trying to wiggle the slider back to what I wanted…

To reproduce…

  • Pop in a PPV
  • Go to Auto Exposure
  • Check Exposure Bias
  • Move slider, works as intended, put it on max for best effect.
  • Click on slider so you can input a number.
  • Input number.
  • Cry because the darn thing takes the number but doesn’t have affect you want.
  • Slide the slider and behold, works but it starts from wherever it wants.
  • Type in 8, then 0. And you’re like wtf… Yeah something’s not right at all with this thing :frowning: Since, if you slide it around and then go to 0, you’ll see the desired result.

Hello VictorBurgos,

I am going to link you to our documentation on Post Processing and auto exposure and the histogram.

Exposure Bias works in tandem with Min Brightness and Max Brightness. Just changing the exposure bias can change the bias of the default settings that come standard with your PP volume. However, without adjusting other settings within auto exposure you may not see the results you are looking for.

As a question, what are you trying to achieve with your scene? Without knowing your end goal it is hard to gauge what you are trying to achieve by changing the exposure bias. I experimented by sliding the bias via slider, and by changing the values directly. However, I see the bias behaving as I would expect.

Please look through the documentation I am linking to see if there is a feature you may have overlooked. Also if you would clarify what you are trying to achieve with your scene. I will then continue to investigate this issue further.