Postprocessing issue -

I’m working on a project where everything was in order and the last two days I have a problem with the flares and bloom effects. In general, the processing purposes.
I create a new level, I put to the scene Post Process Volume (unbound), turn rendering flares and bloom in the Project Settings … and … nothing … no flares, no bloom.
Also, I do not see any effect of global illumination, auto exposure …
All options display in the viewport (lighting Components and others) are selected.
In other projects, everything works fine, but in this proj something switched and does not work.
Please give me suggestions on what else I can do to turn on the post-processing effects.

The second question is whether there is an option to copy / move the actors from the outliner project to another project outliner with the values of translation. I have a few objects in the scene (copies of the same object) that I want to move to another project.

Thank you in advance.