PostProcess and tranclucent material

I have a question. Why postprocess material doesn`t affect objects with translucent material? it becames invisible. On opaque materials it works.
My postprocess Highlight material:

Hi AlexFecit -

Translucent Materials are passed through a separate post process than the Opaque materials. You can get the outline effect on a mesh with a translucent material by following these steps:

  1. Place your mesh into a Blueprint
  2. Duplicate the mesh, so your Blueprint has two meshes directly on top of one another in the BP Viewport
  3. Assign one mesh the Translucent Material you want to use
  4. The Translucent Mesh should be set to only render in the Main Pass (DO NOT set it to custom depth)
  5. The other Mesh, assign any opaque Material (The World Default Material is usually what I leave it as.)
  6. In the Opaque Material Mesh, assign it to Custom Depth but unassign it from Main Pass.
  7. Your BP should now only show the Translucent Material
  8. Place BP in the World

You should now have a translucent object which gets a Outline as you are wanting.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Thank you, Eric. But this way not for me. I wonted to change intencity of highlight by opasity of translucent material. It seems impossible.

Hello, I know this is old, but I found a fix that kinda allow this : instead of translucent, set the material to additive. You can set opacity and use custom depth pass for the outline. I don’t know if this is a good way to do it, but it doesn’t need another mesh to work.