PostLoad LUT generation is out of sync

Hi there. Get lots of similar warnings in dev build, appearing just after map loading.

LogNiagara: PostLoad LUT generation is out of sync. Please investigate. /Game/NotAGame/Monsters/Hungry/Effects/NS_BurnParts.NS_BurnParts:NE_BurnParts.UpdateScript.NiagaraDataInterfaceColorCurve_24

All of them referenced to different curves in different emitters (all curves actually). No visible errors appeared in game itself.
No other warnings with Niagara appeared. This warnings also don’t appear while playing in editor.

Has anybody some idea, what is this about? Can I ignore this or better do something?

Hey, I have the same warnings in my log file. If you find any insight or answers to your questions, I would really appreciate it if you could share them here. Tnx

Have you ever figured this out?

I’m afraid, but no. With some other problems with Niagara and VR (and limited time) it was easier to remove it at all from project, couse no solution was found in months. Maybe there is something new somewhere, regarding this topic, but I havn’t look for a time.