Postfilters not working

All of a sudden the (some) postfilters stopped working in my project.

Weird thing is that it only seems to be the 2D effects that are not working, things like ambient cube and my custom blendeable work fine, but bloom/lensflares/tints/eyeadaption etc don’t work at all.

I checked my other projects and it is working fine there. Anyone ever run into the same thing?


Hello SkurkSE,

A few quick questions. What version of the engine are you running? And, could you provide me with some more information on how you have your scene set up? Usually a quick screenshot of your Post Process Volume and its settings in the ‘Detail’ tab are sufficient.



I found the problem. Turned out that it was my custom camera component. I had set “PostProcessBlendWeight” to 0.0 in the constructor but my overloaded GetCameraView did not pass this along to the viewinfo struct. So i was getting the postfilter settings of that component. my misstake :expressionless: