Post your favorite programmer jokes

I love this one:

and this one:

Now its your turn. :slight_smile:

Not a joke, but:


This never fails to amuse me.


Not exactly jokes, but I had a great time reading through some of these posts on stackoverflow: What is the best comment in source code you have ever encountered?

And, If Programming Languages Were Essays [Comic]

I’ll show myself out…

Not really a joke, but my lecturer found it funny as hell for some reason. The early days when he was explaining basic if/if else statements, he tried to crack this as a joke:


He laughed to a completely silent lecture hall.

Technically not a joke but a talk but man it’s hilarious as hell!


“hip”, “hip”]

(hip hip array!)

I’m a programmer and I don’t know any joke about us at all.

But I have one support joke I like a lot…

WAT is one of my favorite software talks of all time!

Not really programming related. But really funny


Unreal Engine is Window.
Unity is Mac.



An organism that converts coffee and pizza into lines of code.

A guy walks don the street, gets jumped by a thief.

  • Your money or your life!

  • B-b-but I’m a programmer…

  • So?

  • I neither got money nor a life…

This is actually a **real **programming language based on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s quotations :wink:



For EA the Project Manager would more likely say:

“No that’s not a bug. That’s a game. We intentionally created that with a lot of money so you better like it!”

I feel like this might be relevant (I’m sorry :p):

Four Engineers are taking a rental car to a convention. The Engineering manager is driving and the other three, a software, an electrical, and a mechanical engineer are riding in the various seats. They go up to the top of a hill and begin going down, when the manager tries to use the brakes to slow down, they aren’t working. Everyone is somewhat paniced but fortunately they were able to roll to a stop. Everyone gets out and kisses the ground etc. The mechanical engineer moves to look at the brakes suspecting an issue with the brake pads, the electrical engineer thinks there might be an issue with the ABS system and pops the hood to look. The Engineering manage just asks, “so what do you think?” The Software engineer just stands with his arms crossed shaking his head in disgust. The manager notices it and asks, “what’s wrong?” The software engineer replies, “What are you guys doing?! Let’s just get in the car and see if it happens again!”

Haha ! Morality, He reproduced the bug but now , he died :wink: