Post processing volumes

When the option “Mobile HDR” under the project rendering settings is unchecked (restart the engine after this)

Post processing volumes will not work any more.

Looked for hours for a solution to this to realize this option was unchecked in my project settings…

If you could either update the option name, or fix this, it would be appreciated.

Thanks, Max Litruv Boonzaayer


Mobile HDR is a global performance switch. Low dynamic range or LDR mode is the highest performance tier supported in UE4 and is recommended for games that do not require lighting or post processing features. In order to use this mode, you must disable Mobile HDR for your project. That is why Post Processing not works if you disable Mobile HDR.

Its name “Mobile HDR” suggests that it’s only effecting mobile devices is more my point.

This falls over onto a Winx64 build.

I suggest it should be renamed to something else, even a tooltip ?