post processing volumes not blending

I have a big post processing volume covering all my level (arch viz level), and some other smaller volumes for some of the rooms, each post processing volume has different settings for a particular look. When I go from the big one to a smaller one (which is inside of it), the camera changes the post processing values suddenly causing a jittery effect.

blend radius is set to 100 and blend weight is set to 1.
Any ideas on what I should do to have a nice blend between the two?

It sounds like anti-aliasing with the jittery effect. Not saying it is definitely. Is the blend radius set to 100 on the Unbound AND the bound volumes? I’m wondering if that’s causing overlapping, if they’re all set to 100 radius, and the transition effect is too strong.

they are both set to 100.
Is that the right way of having them blend nciely?

Try setting the Unbound post process volume Blend Weight to 0.

even when set to 0 it still happens.