Post processing: uniform color with variable opacity ?


I am completely new to post processing and i need a simple effect, i would like my screen to be covered with a uniform color of variable opacity.
The desired behavior is the following:
If i set the opacity to 0, it’s like there is no PP
If i set the opacity to 1, my screen is entirely blue, or whatever color i choose.

I tried to modify the color tint in color grading/misc. I get my blue tint but i can seem to choose the opacity, even when setting the alpha to 1 in the tint color.

Any idea to help me achieve that ?

Thanks !

In a PP material, you want to lerp between the sceneTexture and the color you want to ‘overlay’. You can then apply this to your PP volume to affect the whole scene.

A huge huge thank Scrcr0, it worked very well and i can’t imagine how much time it would have taken me to figure this out by myself :slight_smile:

For anyone bumping here, here’s my PP material:

  • the Material Domain has been set to Post Process (and become purely emissive after that)
  • the PostProcessInput0 is found in the SceneTexture details

And here’s the PP component setting:

Again, thank you so much :slight_smile: