Post-processing specific object/part of scene


I’m not too sure how easy what I want to achieve here is, or how possible it is (though I assume it must be as most things in UE4 are!).

I have a scene which I have applied a post-processing effect to with a LUT to make it all appear black and white.

Within in the scene I have a big glass object (essentially a large looking glass).

When the player looks at/through this glass object, everything the other side of it appears in glorious bright colour, while the world around it appears in B&W still.

I thought I might have been able to achieve this with multiple post-processing volumes, but it appears only one works at a time and can’t be applied to just a single object/part of the scene.

Is there a way to achieve what I want here and how?

Many thanks,


custom depth buffer as a mask and a lerp between both effects in the same PPMaterial should get you sorted.